Refund Without File

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Refund Without File is allowable when the client request for a payment refund prior to Agreement to Purchase (ATP) or Agreement to Rent (ATR) being signed by both Purchasers and the Vendors. This means there is still no binding agreement between the respective parties.

Guide for Refund Without File

  1. Submit payment information via [Forms] Payment to Client’s Account
  2. Wait for notification of payment being approved
  3. Check the Receipt No. from [Files] View Payment Receipts
  4. Submit refund information via [Forms] Submit Refund Without File
  5. Wait for notification of the payment being refunded
  6. Download refund receipt from [Files] Refunds Without File

** If both parties have signed the agreement, the negotiator is required to open new file first, wait for the file to be opened before submitting documents for refund purpose.

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