Alam Harta Realty Gathering 22.4.2019

Date : 22nd APRIL 2019
Venue : Alam Harta Realty Office

Speaker : En. Saharuddin bin Tunggal

The event started around 2:30 pm in the evening, to save time efficiently, lunch was prepared at the office for the staffs to dine. This gathering was attended by the staffs of Alam Harta Realty to discuss on how to properly and systematically advertise and promote the staff’s listing. In the continuation of the event, En. Saharuddin bin Tunggal, the head of business development of Trans Asia Property Consultancy, briefly talked on how to improve the performance in each of their listings as he spoke in front of the agents.

En. Saharuddin asking if there were any questions.

Generally, the most successful way of marketing varies. The ‘perfect’ marketing technique may vary from person to person. A person must find a method of marketing is most suitable and compatible with him. this is due to each and everyone have different ways on approaching their clients.

Furthermore, he also ensured that the agents have to follow the market trend by which refers to which location or what kind of property is hot on the market in that current moment. En. Saharuddin heavily emphasizes that all agents should be positively competitive and be aggressive in doing their field of work.

“ tak susah nak jadi susah, tak senang nak jadi senang”

these are the words that was stated by En. Saharuddin during his talk.
From left: En.Azman, En. Saharuddin, En.Nasrul

The event ended at around 4:30 in the evening. Thank you to everyone that attended. And with this, we, Alam Harta Realty, hope that every agent will keep up their fighting spirits and always push forward.